Buy Swap Sell – How to make cash from your clear out

It’s official, a de-cluttering spree is sweeping the country, and Aussies are favouring a minimalist look over homes packed with possessions. This gives us an opportunity, to turn our culled items into cash.

While the organising, agonising and piling can take time, selling your things can take no time at all! Garage sales and lemonade stands may be a thing of the past, but the internet is making it easier than ever to start selling.

So, here’s how to get started:

What can you sell?

When you do your clear out, make sure to look for things in good condition. This helps you to separate rubbish from things that could be sold. Look out for items that:

Could have value to others – Even if your items don’t have value to you any more, they may have value to others. So don’t discount last season’s clothing or that fancy dress stash just yet. Look for jewellery, furniture, recent technology or even camping gear, as they’re all things that others could make use of too.

Are small and simple, not just big and pricey – You may think that the bigger the better when it comes to making cash, but that’s not the case. Smaller items can add-up, so look for little things that may be simple to sell, such as phone cases or accessories.

Where can you sell it?

Selling your small things – To sell your smaller items, you can easily make use of local Facebook groups and Facebook marketplace. Not only are local pick-ups or postage easy to arrange, but you won’t be paying fees on items with smaller costs.

Selling your big things – For larger items like sofas, you’ll want a little more security. With EBay and Gumtree, you can place detailed adverts and photos, see the potential buyers, as well as organise the payments all though the websites.

Tips to get you started

No matter what you’re selling, make sure that you’ve got these basics down, giving yourself the best chance to make a sale.

Do your research – You’ve got the item, now you need to know if it’s worth selling. A quick online search can let you know if it’s in demand; the quality is up to scratch, and what people are paying. This’ll help you set yours up for sale too.

Set a fair price – Make sure you set a price that’s reflective of your item and its condition. High prices could turn off potential buyers, and you want to keep them keen.

Avoid high reserves – While eBay encourages people to bid, with Gumtree people can make you offers. Keep reserve prices reasonable too, so that you’re open to what people may offer.

Get descriptive – The more detail you can give buyers, the better. Include everything from its condition to how it’s been used, and you’ll make sure there’s no hiccups down the line.

Share some snaps – Photos are the best way to show buyers what they’re getting, so make sure to take bright, good quality photos. Some close-ups can’t hurt, so that detail or damage can be spotted.

Post at a good time – Share your advert online in the evening or at the weekend, so that as many people see it as possible when it’s uploaded, and don’t need to search later.

Answer questions – If people ask questions, try to answer them quickly to keep them keen. It may be that they pick-up on points that others may be thinking too, so you could update the item description afterwards to help others who may be looking.

Give buyers a peek – With some items, people may want to pop by and take a look at. If several people would like to, try to save time and schedule for them to all come by on one morning or afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate – Haggling, it’s going to happen. So be ready with how low you’d be prepared to go, and get your negotiate on.

Look after your safety

Make sure that before you embark on a selling spree, you’re taking steps to look after your safety.

Posting your items is usually the safest way to send something that you’ve sold, but occasionally items may be too big and require pick-up. Always make sure that you don’t give out your address if you’re uncomfortable, and have a friend or partner present if you’ve arranged a pick-up. Simple steps can help keep you and your stuff, safe.

Then you’re ready to get selling, and start turning your clean-ups into cash.

Source: ING, 07 March 20 19

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