Asset Protection and Risk Insurance

It’s human nature to underestimate the likelihood of significant illness, injury or death, but we are faced with the devastating consequences of these events frequently, often when they occur to those close to us.

Insurance is not a dirty word. The right cover helps protect your assets, your income and those you care for. A successful claim can cut you some slack when you need it most or save your financial future from collapse.

At Statewide Advice, we believe the right insurance cover is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan. We will review existing cover, make recommendation to improve the efficiency of your cover or to create new cover.

Importantly, we coach our clients to treat their insurance like a mortgage. It may serve a purpose for a period of time, but once the purpose is eliminated, so too should the insurance.

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‘I detest life-insurance agents: they always argue that
I shall some day die, which is not so.’

- Stephen Leacock

Understanding Insurance

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This handy book also covers

  1. 5 reasons why insurance matters
  2. The main types of insurance
  3. Selecting the right insurance
  4. The cost of Insurance