Angus & Verena, Mount Waverley

“We have collaborated with Graham Jay at Statewide for over 20 years and since then, we have benefited from his passion to teach us how to be financially self-sufficient. Throughout this whole period, Graham has advised, guided and mentored us in regard to making sound financial decisions based on facts, that supported us in building our personal wealth. He always takes the time to make sure we fully understand his advice so that we can make fully informed decisions on the options we could take going forward. Now that we are nearing retirement, we are again going through another learning phase in our life and we continue to use the services of Graham and now his business partner, Paul Wratten, for continuing financial advice, for our property portfolio and SMSF as fully self-funded retirees. Graham and Paul take all the hard work out of investing, you just need to make the decisions.”
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